Lavender Fever Week/National Coalition For Homeless Veterans

Hello Friends! Recently I have attended a fundraiser hosted by City College. The fundraiser was apart of an annual fair called Lavender Fever Week. During this week period, students and passerby’s enjoyed carnival rides and games, a talent show and banquet — All to raise funds for the National Coalition of Homeless Veterans. Being apart of this fair, ESPECIALLY being my first of this sort was liberating and fun. I was happy to be apart of such an AWESOME cause and meet new friends 🙂 Twenty percent of all of my All Natural Soy Candles and Bath Fizzies went to the NCHV fundraiser as well. I definitely hope to be apart of fundraisers like this in the future 🙂

Paige of Paige’s Perfections 🙂

The Price List was specially designed for college students who attended Lavender Fever Week. Twenty Percent of Proceeds went to the National Coalition of Homeless Veterans 🙂

Please stay tuned for more craft fairs and info! 🙂 Thanks for visiting!


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