Paper Paper Everywhere, and Not a Chance to Think

Clutterbug Much?

Overall, I think I am a pretty organized person. Well, sort of. When it comes to receipts, business cards and more receipts, I start to procrastinate and then I’m…well, screwed. Keeping track of receipts is important, especially in business. Also, storing business cards efficiently is a key component to networking. Remember that guy who makes awesome prints that you may want for your t-shirts? NO! All because his card is loss in the abyss of scattered paper land.

So what’s a gal to do? Yes, I can step up to the plate, set aside a few hours, and scan hundreds of receipts and document them properly on my computer. But who has time for that?! Besides, the little spare time I do have, I use for researching new ideas, meeting new people, etc. Staying up late last night, I think I have found a resolution to my issue. Behold Friends: Neat Receipts
Browsing Youtube for a solution (I’m a preferred visual learner) The Healthy Voyager said it best:

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Really? A compact device to label and organize my giant folder of business receipts?! Hallelujah!

It’s tiny and compact which means it’s efficient for traveling. Even Martha Stewart is a fan! (Please note that the following video is dated from 2006. Neat Receipt works for both MAC and PC)

It appears to be truly fantastic, especially for Tax time! I would definitely recommend looking into this product if you are being swallowed in a sea of receipts. After I purchase this item, I will definitely review it so stay tuned! You can view other products by Neat by clicking HERE or purchase it cheaper on Amazon HERE.

Happy Organizing!


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