Welcome Friends! At Paige’s Perfections, I create soy candles and bath products with the utmost tender loving care. My All Natural products are Hand Poured, Hand Crafted, and Hand Perfected for you.

The All Natural soy candles I create come in various scents that I’m certain you will love! In addition to being a renewable resource, all of the soy used is grown in the United States. Click HERE to view the wonderful selection.

Rosemary Pine 8oz Mason Jar candle

Rosemary Pine 8oz Mason Jar candle

Unlike many bath products, my wonderful selection of bath aides contain organic, all natural ingredients that will not harm or dry out your skin. Indulge yourself in one of my luscious bath products that will hydrate and soothe. Click HERE for more information.

Lavendula Bath Fizzy

Lavendula Bath Fizzy

I’ve always had a love for natural products and I’m thrilled to share my creations with you. Growing up in the Bronx, I now live in Brooklyn, New York and appear in various craft shows around New York City. Paige’s Perfections is also featured in select retail locations.

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