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The Wonderful World of Eggshell Carving

In many cases, Creativity can come out of nowhere and rock you like lighting. You’d be surprised with the multiple creations that can appear through different art mediums. Whether it’s a blank canvas, soy wax or even eggshells….That’s right, eggshells, the possibilities are endless. Take Wen Fuliang for example:


Eggshell Carving In Xi'an

Mr. Fuliang, a retired wood worker, used his prior skills to create wonderful masterpieces through duck, goose and chicken eggs. After stumbling across an article about him through The Daily Mail, I was amazed to see how someone put their imagination into such a unique form.

Interested in the Eggshell Carving craft as well? Below is an video demonstration for those with LOTS of patience and an SCM engraver 🙂

Enjoy! 🙂

Photos are courtesy of the Dailymail.co.uk