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Candle Tip 101: Smooth Candle Tops

Hello Friends!

I know many of you candle makers (and candle lovers of course) run into the issue of cracked candle tops when either making a candle or realizing you have cracks AFTER you’ve purchased a candle. Cracked tops or “holes” that appear on the tops of your candle can happen for a variety of reasons and often occurs with All Natural Waxes. FEAR NOT though! A simple solution is a HEAT GUN! On the lowest setting, use your heat gun to smooth over unwanted holes, cracks and bubbles and you’ll have yourself a blemish free candle 🙂

Remember though to ALWAYS cover your working area with newspaper to avoid spills. Enjoy!



Digital Love

I recently went from a manual thermometer to a digital one. I cannot begin to explain how awesome this thermometer is! In addition to being hands free, I love how it let’s me know the EXACT temperature via alarm. Honestly, it’s the little things in life 🙂

Candle Making made easier with my little Digital Friend. So Excited!

Hope your day is having much fun progress as mine is. If interested in digital thermometers, click HERE for awesome deals. Enjoy!

Soy Candle Making 101

Hello Friends! One of the most popular questions (if not the only question) I constantly get is, “Paige, How do you make a Soy Candle?” Normally I reply, “Well, I melt Soy Wax and add fragrance and color and Voila!”. Normally I get a shocked response like, “Really, That’s it?!!”. Yes my friends, that is pretty much the basic formula for candle making however as some of you may or may not know, the experimentation process (although rewarding) can be tedious and heart breaking. I’m not sure if any of you have attempted making candles or run your own Candle business, but the process of perfecting your own recipe is really (in my opinion) the most DIFFICULT TASK EVER. I can seriously continue talking about my hardships, sweat, and tears, but I will save that drama for another time 😉 In this weblog article, I present to you a pretty basic but cool instructional video I found on how to actually make a Soy Candle 🙂

The steps are pretty straight forward. Although my processes are slightly different (ie: I cook my wax rather than microwave), once you get these basics down, you can experiment away to create your own recipe and add your own style to it 🙂 You can purchase candle making materials at Michaels or any Craft Store in your area. Enjoy!